Advancing LGBTQ+ Health
Advancing LGBTQ+ Health
Advancing LGBTQ+ Health
Advancing LGBTQ+ Health
Advancing LGBTQ+ Health

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Our Objectives

We are faculty, staff, and students dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ health and research at UCSF and beyond. We seek to enhance the integration, visibility, and advancement of sexual and gender minority (SGM) behavioral and physical health at UCSF. We aim to:

  • Develop and administer a Certificate in LGBTQ+ Health for health professionals, students, staff in healthcare settings, and researchers
  • Provide and promote training for clinicians to improve care for SGM patients
  • Produce an ongoing series of Grand Rounds in SGM Health
  • Facilitate mentorship of trainees and early career faculty in SGM health research
  • Create community events
  • Foster research to improve SGM Health

Note: We do not provide or refer direct clinical care to patients, but many of our clinical affiliates do.

A Message from Our Team

We are committed to advancing SGM health at UCSF and beyond. This means we will strive tirelessly to improve education, research, and clinical care at UCSF, and to grow a workforce of health professionals and researchers who promote the health of SGM people both at UCSF and throughout the United States. In a city with such a rich history for LGBTQ+ people we think it is time to grow and expand expertise about SGM health.

- Matthew Beld, Annesa Flentje, and Jae Sevelius


According to the Institute of Medicine's 2011 report on the Health of LGBT People, health care professionals currently lack adequate training to treat LGBTQ patients in a competent manner. As a result of the lack of training, LGBTQ+ people frequently face stigma and discrimination in health care settings and may avoid or delay care. The Center for Sexual and Gender Minority Health aims to improve patient experience for SGM individuals and support SGM research and education at UCSF and beyond.


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