John Davis, PhD, MD

Associate Dean, Curriculum

My professional interests are both clinical and educational in nature.

Clinically, I am primarily focused on infectious diseases of the immunocompromised host. This includes those who are treated with immunosuppression (e.g., transplant recipients), and those who have other immunosuppressive conditions, especially persons living with HIV. I also have an interest in sexual and gender minority (SGM/LGBTQ+) health and healthcare disparities.

Educationally, I serve as the Associate Dean for Curriculum in the School of Medicine, and am interested in curriculum development in general. I am also specifically interested in the intersection of LGBTQ+ and LHS+ (Latino/a/e/x, Hispanic, Spanish origin) issues and academic medicine. This includes both the educational approaches to identity-related content across learner levels and the experiences of learners who hold those identities, particularly those holding intersectional identities, as they navigate their paths in academic medicine.